About Us

Detox Drinks:  These drinks are great for cleansing your body of unwanted toxins that causes digestive issues, bloating, skin issues, and etc., Blaq Butterfly’s detox drinks help to boost energy, aid weight loss, rid toxins within the liver, reduce inflammation and promote skin health.

Detox Drinks

  • 1 Day Detox $45 for 6 bottles: Good start for beginners!!! This one day detox will shock your body and begin to flush out toxins while promoting weight loss!
  • 3 Day Detox $135 for 18 bottles: This detox shocks the body, disciplines the mind while flushing out toxins
  • 5 Day Detox $225 for 30 bottles: 5 days will strip your body of unwanted toxins and habits and begins to shrink your stomach
  • 7 Day Detox $315 for 42 bottles: These 7 days is considered the ULTIMATE FLUSH!!!! In additions to the others this detox this is considered the total restart!

Meal Prep in Home or in Office ($30 for a 60 min) Consultation: This is a one on one consultation where we will set down and review the client’s personal goal, assess his or her daily dietary intake, discuss nutritional needs, identify areas where change and or adjustments are needed in order to develop the overall best game plan and meal prep options that will produce the greatest result! Also, we will teach clients how to properly prepare healthy and nutritious meals by using the proper measurement that will help them to achieve their weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance goals.

Meal Prep Services: These services prepare healthy, balanced, and nutritious meals based on individual dietary needs as it relates to weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintenance.

Meal Prep Packages

  • 2 meals a day for 5 days cost $80 (this a total of 10 meals at $7.50 per meal)
  • 3 meals a day for 5 days cost $105 (this is a total of 15 meals at $7.00 per meal)

Fitness Coaching Consultation Fee $30 for a 60 min consultation: During this meeting we will review your medical and exercise history, and perform a fitness assessment to establish your baseline fitness level. Then we will discuss and develop a weekly fitness coaching schedule based on the client’s need and ability.

  • Fitness Coaching Fees
  • $15 per session
  • $30 per week for 2 sessions a week Total $120 per month
  • $45 per week for 3 sessions a week Total $180 per month

Accountability Circle Monthly Support Group:  We here at Blaq Butterfly understand that support groups are key for long-term success as it pertains to weight loss. Therefore, our monthly support groups meet the 1st Saturday of every month giving our clients  the opportunity come together, gather strength and support while discuss their weight loss struggles and or achievements.  During these meetings clients will share tips, recipes, and ideas while building a network of accountability partners .


  • Fitness Merchandise and Apparel: COMING SOON


IMPACT Speaking Engagements:  Book Blaq Butterfly for your next health and fitness empowerment engagements. The Madame herself will quickly reeducate you by focusing on you and “Making yourself a Priority”! During these sessions she uses basic principles to remind you that your health is your wealth! Her personal testimony in regards to transformation will encourage you to literally want to #KILLFAT