The Fight to be Fit!

March 1, 2017

Morbid obesity is now more than ever an epidemic in this country. Americans consume nearly one ton of food in a one year time span ranking us as the 2nd largest food consumer. With that being said, it must be understood that the battle with obesity is largely affected by our diets. Not to mention that we Americans are so busy and always on the go; that most of our diets consist of unhealthy fast food items that we generally consume on a regular. Many of our meals are eaten in our cars as we drive from place to place. Our lives are often bombarded with things which keep us busy and therefore because we are so preoccupied with things our diet and commitment to self is neglected. For breakfast we find ourselves stopping by a drive through or a convenient store to purchase something as minimal as oatmeal, for lunch we often order take out even if it is a simple salad, and by the time for dinner we are burnt out. Due to this we find ourselves preparing processed meals in order to make it quick. Meals like chicken nuggets and fries, hot dogs and beans, hamburger patties, etc. These are all made in a rush so we can prepare ourselves to do it all over again.

This type of life style often leads us to a road of unhealthiness! We are unhealthy and our kids are unhealthy. I hate to say this but it is TRUE…. FAT PEOPLE OFTEN PRODUCE FAT PEOPLE. Heck, we are so busy that even many of our pets are FAT! In order for us to regain control and win this fight to be fit we must SLOW DOWN! The first rule to a healthy life and weight loss is FOCUS! In order to regain focus we must SLOW DOWN! America has gotten fat because she became a country full of busy bodies! Always on the go, always moving, schedule full all the TIME! So busy that sleep is no longer a priority and even that has to be penciled in. To win this battle we must reconsider what is truly important and then prioritize our lives to exemplify what is truly of VALUE (Our Health).
I remember a time when I ran, ran, ran. Always on the go, working on this project, helping with this project, supporting my immediate and extended family, trying to be all things to all people and guess who I was failing …. MYSELF. If my life was graded on a report card the areas of self would have been straight F’s. Sleep: F, Nutrition: F, Exercise: F, Meditation; F, Relaxation: F, Pleasure: F… FFF! I was failing myself while others were benefiting from my unhealthy exhaustions. Picture a car driving while the needle is on empty; driving around on fumes and getting ready to clunk out. Yes busy, busy, busy, ripping and running while being suffocated with weight. FAT and FAILING, but then it dawned on me and the light bulb came on! It reminded me to SLOW IT DOWN!

Slow down and make time to cook and prepare your own oatmeal for breakfast, slow down and pack your own salad for lunch, slow down and prepare a healthy balanced dinner for you and your family with fresh ingredients. Slow down and MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY! Focus on your needs and your need to be healthy in order to live long to continue to productive. Going back to the basics and embracing my redirection. SLOW DOWN SUPER HERO! Remember our daily diet is a major component to weight loss and our overall health. I will say this until I am blue in the face; weight loss is 80 % diet and 20 % exercise. In order to win the fight to be fit we must SLOW DOWN and FOCUS! Our lives are depending on it!